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Now you too can be OUT and ABOUT and never feel guilty!

Me with Barbara Roberts, former Oregon GovernorWeekend WarriorNo, I wasnít always OUT.  My first official  outing occurred  because of a situation at Portland Community College. It involved another faculty member in the Physical Ed.  Department.  Acting out of anger and revenge, this individual reported his long- held information about my sexuality to my U.S. Army Reserve unitís superior officer. 

While I loved the "weekend warrior" status, resignation of my commission seemed immanent.  Forced resignation became the catalyst for what was to happen in my future, and from 1987, Iíve never looked back.

My Country, My Right to Serve Veterans for Human Rights was a direct result of that ousting from the military. 
It put my entire family front and center on the battle line fighting for the gay movement.

I became a founding member of an organization for gay military veterans. 

Other pro-active work involved P-FLAG, Right to Pride, and the Human Rights Campaign.


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Remote Possibilities

  Carrying the gay message, I became a sought after speaker and guest on many of the national television talk shows Me with Larry King. At that same time,  the producer of Nightscene, a weekly mhwgarvey gay-positive television show, asked me to become the co-host. For three years and over 100 half-hour programs, Nightscene aired thoughout the country. Stories about  the program appeared in the Advocate, and many other gay papers around the country.
  Just Committed
In the summer of 1992, and as a positive response to the negatively divisive Measure 9, Debra and I decided to honor our long-term relationship with a commitment ceremony.  It was a day of great celebration in the midst of much stress, turmoil and hate.  As the sun shined brightly, the drinks flowed freely and live music soothed the many loving, caring friends and family gathered for the occasion.
It was a day of love, joy, and spiritual, as well as community affirmation.
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MAHK at Vietnam Memorial

  March on Washington In April of 1993, we were closely involved in the Oregon planning
stages for the March on Washington. For the first time since my resignation in 1987, I proudly put on my uniform. I was the Officer in Charge of the gathered military contingent, numbering well over 2,000.  As I marched in smart cadance, front and center along the long, hot route to the Capitol Mall, the feeling of  pride swelled in my chest. It was truly a time and event in my life never to be forgotten.  Other great highlights of that weekend in DC included the Soldier of Freedom Medal, presented by the Human Rights Campaign and the opportunity to speak -- in uniform -- at the Pentagon. 

No on 9 Back home,  I became the military representative for a traveling poster display that appeared throughout Oregon. Our lives continue to include pertinent issues as we embrace the work necessary in changing the long-held stereotypes of our family by being OUT. If you wait until it is SAFE to come out, you havenít really done anything - think about it. We must always remember that no one is free until everyone is free.

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