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We have a huge fish pond in the backyard where I raise Japanese Koi. The pond is a lovely, relaxing center piece for barbeques and other gatherings. The Koi seem to produce a calming effect on all those around them.  Peteís Pond gives you some neat stuff about this great fish.  Enjoy!!

I think everyone should have something they like to do
in what spare time they may have available to them.
See what you think.

On this page you can quickly see that there are many things that I like to do in my Mickey Mouse Cardcase spare time.  My Mickey Mouse Watch Mickey Mouse has always held a special place in my heart.  The old rat is something of an alter ego for me.  Mickey Mouse CaseEach day I try to wear something that has the Mouse on it.  As for Minnie -- she is simply Mickey in DRAG!  My extensive collection includes many pewter pieces, ceramics, old books, several Brenda White Mickey charger plates, and watches of all kinds.  I buy for the collection and do sell, as well. Carousel Horse by Illion

Disneyland is a great, fun place to visit.  Recently, the Disney higher ups have even given way to allowing a Gay Day at Disneyworld -- which I have not visited.  A trip to the mouse's home in Florida is in our future plans.  Visit the Disney website for more events.

As a collector, I also appreciate antiques.  Many furniture pieces in our home are the result of restoration efforts on my part.  The formal living room contains an 1890 circa, full-size carousel horse carved by Illion.  It originally came from a machine in New Jersey and is a real beauty.  The good thing about this horse is that it eats little, complains even less, and there is no mess to clean up!!  Check out other websites for collecting, antiques, and carousel horses.

For many years, photography has been an important part of my life. Over the years, some of my photos won awards.  I recently was the official photographer for our dear friends, Joan and Karen, committment ceremony.  See their website at Eyegal.  It is an enjoyable, positive way to record oneís family history.  Some day, I hope to build a dark room in the basement and do the developing on my own. Check out the photography website for more information.

I also breed Jack Russell Terriers. We have one bitch -- thatís doggy talk for fertile female -- that has been bred twice. Both litters had great markings, and for the last litter we used a stud "father" who recently arrived from England as the "Pup of the Year."  Jazmin Jaq of Humphrey Manor is now without pup, but you can see some of her last litter by clicking Eyegal.

1979 VW convertible - beforePresent "spare time" attention turns to the restoration of a 1979 Volkswagen convertible super beetle.  When finished, it will tour the highways and byways with a bright, shiny red paint job, rebuilt engine, new upholstery, new floor pans, new wind shield and new, canvas top.  All you car rebuilders out there know I have probably left many things out, but you get the picture!  Next summer, we hope to be buzzing around Oregon (providing there is sunshine) with our hair flowing freely, and our sunglasses firmly in place.  See you on the road as a flash of red!

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