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Exquisite jewelry pieces that Celebrate Our Community
for those with Discriminating Tastes!

Group A. Pendents/Tie Tacks Group B. Post/Wire Earrings

Pendent tastefully incorporates the inverted triangle into the chain bale.  
Please specify style/size in item column on back of form. 

B1:  Large pendent or tie tack -
$90 (14k)

B2:  Small pendent or tie tack -

Same design as at left, but thinner.  
Please specify style, size in item column 
on back of form. Single piece at half listed price.

B1:  Large post/wire earring pair -
$95 in 14k gold, $35 in stainless steel.

B2:  Small post/wire earring pair -
$75 in 14k gold, $25 in stainless steel.


Lambda Collection

We, at Spirit of the Sea, realize the need for quality products and strive to meet that demand.  We offer two sizes of the Lambda design that you can wear with pride. 
Items shown are actual size. Pendents and tie tacks approx., 1/16" in. thickness.

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