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I am a long-time instructor of physical education and health at Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus. At the present time, I am the only full-time instructor at this campus. A long path took me through the educational halls of Western Oregon State College (B.S.), the University of Denver (M.A.), Oregon State University (M.Ed.), and the University of Northern Colorado (Ed.D.).

As a professional educator, it is important to keep up to date through seminars, workshops and certifications. Current certifications include American Red Cross qualifications as a First Aid Instructor, and Water Safety Instructor, and as an American College of Sports Medicine Fitness Instructor.

As a professional educator in the field of health, fitness and wellness, I care about your well-being.
  Parade CloseupBefore joining the faculty of PCC, I became the second woman hired in Oregon to drive for United Parcel Service.  However, holding two masterís degrees at the time, driving a big brown truck wasn't my idea of a lifelong occupation. 

I sought the challenge of the educational arena and the opportunity to shape young minds. Along the way to this goal, I also worked as a rehabilitation counselor, a private fitness club instructor and carried a direct commission as a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve.  As a proud, openly gay individual, the process of changing stereotypes about my community also plays an important part in my life. 

Teaching, it seems, is truly one of my great loves. It offers the opportunity to touch the lives of many individuals striving to complete their goals in higher education.  With their health and wellness in mind, I take pride in serving it all up with a great amount of practical information, peppered with large doses of fun and laughter. One thing is for sure, they may not remember the classroom material they read, but they always seem to remember when the Good Doctor Speaks!  

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